Mugos Fellowship Education Fund

Our Vision

To promote the education of  needy students in Kenya

Our Mission

To promote the education of needy and disciplined students in high school/college through scholarships to help them realize their dreams in life.


  1. To offer a scholarship to high school/college students.
  2. To promote girl-child education.
  3. To ensure the sustainability of the fund through the establishment of an endowment fund.


The Mugo’s Fellowship Education Fund was launched in September 2004.

The Patrons are & Mrs. Paul and Irene Mugo who are the Founders of the Fellowship.

Activities of the MFEF

  1. Short listing of the candidates and follow-up; This is achieved as the students fill the application forms and also, provide their school performance report forms to the Fellowship which enables the committee to shortlist and monitor the performance of the supported students.
  2. Fundraising; FSK staff together with well-wishers has been working towards Kitty’s growth and expansion to enable the Fellowship support as many students as possible. The fundraising committee organizes fundraising events such as Luncheons, Dinners, Walks, and Breakfast.


The students that benefit from the Mugo’s Fellowship kitty mostly come from needy family backgrounds. Their parents or guardians are either self-employed in Jua Kali sectors or are peasant farmers in the rural/urban areas. Among the beneficiaries also include orphaned children whose parents have been claimed by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Others come from single-parent headed families.


MFEF receives support from individuals, well-wishers and corporate institutions

Selection criteria

The fund targets bright students from poor backgrounds and vulnerable society. This includes orphans, children from single parents, children whose parents have dismal income and limited livelihood option and children with special needs e.g. disabled.


Over the past years, the number of needy cases has been swelling and there is a need to look for strategies to finance the Fellowship. The demand for support is quite high and outweighs the available resources in the kitty.