Embracing Green Energy: Switching Generator Run Boreholes To Solar Power

Millions of people around the world live with limited access to water. In many communities, groundwater is extracted through electric water pumps, which use diesel to fuel their systems. However, these systems not only require costly, regular servicing and the purchasing of fuel, but they also emit carbon dioxide polluting the atmosphere.FSK with support from

Integration of Dairy Goats With Other Income Generating activities (IGAs) .

Mr. Benson is an active member of Visoi self-help group in Rongai. He is amongst the first beneficiaries who received dairy goat in 2010 after losing all his property and wealth to the post-election violence of 2007/2008. He is a married man and a father of four children. The goat he received he named her

Resilience of a Grandmother…The Story of KoKamket

                   Kokamket in her farm (Dryland farming made possible) The wrinkles on her face tell a story of experience; despite the ravenous drought, she sits calmly under the shade of a tree outside her thatch-roofed hut made of sticks gazing into the grey skies and occasionally shifting her eyes to the budding shrubs. However, her

Organic fertilizers Have Many Benefits To Your Crops..

Organic fertilizers have many benefits to your crops It is time for planting again and farmers are struggling to buy inputs for use in planting maize, beans and other crops. Apart from seeds, the other most important input is fertilizer. Of course, many farmers planting maize will buy Diammonium Phosphate (DAP). But, chemical fertilizers will

Smiling through disaster… Resilience of a Pokot girl

Faith Kapkomor is one of a kind; at 21 years she is the first born in a single-mother family of nine. She is also a single mother of one and is currently six months pregnant. Faith is one of the few educated girls in her village; she has completed her secondary school education  and has  good