About Us

FSK Background

Farming Systems Kenya (FSK) is Non-Governmental Organization formed in 1981 through the initiative of the Africa Inland Church, Nakuru Region Lay People Fellowship (NLPF). Our main agenda is to reduce poverty through agricultural development, the main focus being the smallholder farmers who constitute 80% of the Kenyan farming community. This is achieved through improving their productivity to enhance incomes and food security through appropriate technologies. FSK targets the rural smallholder farmers who lack the knowledge, skills and opportunities to improve production. FSK works with communities and rural self-help groups and provides technical advice, extension and affordable credit for crop and livestock enterprises.


A vibrant, profitable and sustainable farming community in Kenya.


Facilitate the transformation of the farming community into entrepreneurs through innovative technology transfer.

Core Values

  1. Respect for culture: We respect the wisdom, traditional knowledge and cultural practices of our clientele and build upon this to promote change and development.
  2. Effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery and resource use
  3. We seek to be accountable to our clientele and stakeholders
  4. We embrace dynamism, economic and technological changes
  5. Professionalism: Working to established and recognized standards